Mein Kampf opines that the history of the world is replete with examples of the battle between the forces of goodness and evil, and goodness has, and will always be represented by the Nordic-Aryans, the noblest of races on Earth, whereas evil is represented by the sub-human Jews.

Hitler was convinced that the Jews were the deadliest enemies of humanity, and craved for worldwide domination; where once attained, their regime would result in humanity’s extinction. The Jews are further described as cunning, devious and unscrupulous; insatiable in their quest for power and would use any means necessary to achieve it, including using political ideologies such as Communism.

The salvation of humanity rests on the shoulders of Germany and people like Adolf Hitler himself. In order to quell this threat, the extermination of the Jews is a prerequisite, after which an expansion of the German empire would ensure that the threat would never again arise.

The Nazi would spearhead the new German nation, together with the rest of humanity towards a magnificent future, where pure Nordic-Aryan German citizens would keep watch over the rest of the hegemony. As ludicrous as this sounds, Hitler and his advisors, and later on, whole swathes of the population, appeared to believe in the truth of these claims.

The simplicity of Hitler’s dogma, of good against evil, us against them, made a profound impact with the people. In fact, the treatment of this ideology by the masses can somewhat be likened to a substitute religion, and his party slogan, Rotfront und Reaktio (Reds and reactionaries) became a part of mainstream culture.

Adolf Hitler August 1927

Adolf Hitler restructured the party internally and externally, incorporating ritualistic customs among his Army, with quasi-religious activities such as feast day, martyr day and songs. He effectively perpetuated a mythical atmosphere of camaraderie for his foot soldiers. To top it off, he formed his own personal military, the Schutzstaffel (the infamous SS) and on a lower level, the Sturmabteilungen (the storm troopers). All of them were filled with a sense of spiritual destiny, an army of righteousness.

The Chancellor 
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