One of the most infamous personalities of all time, the name Adolf Hitler inspires revulsion in almost everyone in the modern world. His reign as Chancellor of Germany was the catalyst for World War II, the break-up of Germany, the rise of worldwide Communism, the Cold War and ultimately, the millions upon millions of persons who died for a cause that can only be described as madness.

And yet, he started off as an unassuming young Austrian male, with a normal childhood, decent education and a strong interest in the world of arts. Many of us have wondered where his spiral to madness began, whence his hatred of Jews arrived, and ultimately how he lost his scruples, compassion and humanity.

We take a look at his life from the moment he arrived into this world, and right to the moment he departed.


Beast In The Cradle
The Making of The Beast
The Making of The Chancellor
The Chancellor
The Expansionism
The Holocaust
The Beginning of The End

Adolf Hitler 1933

Beast In The Cradle 
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